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There's always that degree of self censorship implied by the question 'what if someone i know saw this?'

On some level, I am restricted by companionship, but I don't think I would ever give it up. This is my roundabout way of saying I love my friends.


I'm thinking about the purpose or the point of my videos. At first, there was (to me) no real point. I had an idea, I did it, I moved on. Once I began to think more about it, I decided the purpose was to tell my story. I explained things out because I didn't want to be misinterpreted. More recently, I've stopped explaining things so much, because I've decided I want it to be up to interpretation. Everyone should get something different out of each piece of work. Death of the author, and such. I love to hear different interpretations. Now, I feel that with each piece of work I am telling a story. Not a traditional story, of course, but a glimpse into a world people might not have otherwise seen before. A slice of life, if you will.

Though now that I describe it in such a way, that is very jarring. It is daunting enough to think about the billions of complete individual lives that exist, now i have to consider the infinite fictional possibilities as well? And worse, I have to discover as many as possible and express their story accurately. Scary, scary.

Also I've met some nice french folks online, and they are teaching me french internet slang and funny expressions, like MDR (LOL), TG (STFU), and A+ (TTYL).