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I'm not online as much anymore, so I'm neglecting to write in entries. Speaking of which, im thinking of moving these over to some kind of blogging site more suited for this kind of thing. If I've already done so, well you know how that turned out because I'll likely have posted all the entries on my website to the new blog spot. And I'll likely post the original dates if the blogging site doesn't have an option to put them in manually.

I recently messaged a writer I'm a fan of and she even responded. It's always cool to get a reply from someone big. Or rather, it's cool to get a reply from someone you admire. I've contacted some small people that I still was excited about.

Shrekfest is coming up soon, so that's something to look forward to. As I may have mentioned before, I submitted an entry that got accepted - albeit probably edited to remove copyright material. They (3GI) warned us about minor edits and one part of my entry is ripped directly from the movie Shrek. What else is there to say? I came up with an idea for a video but I've yet to overcome my laziness. I listened to the Genesis album "Trick of the Tail" all the way through. In a show of optimism and positivity, I've created an exercise for myself in which I list all the reasons why today is a big day. Every day, after all, is a big day if you try hard enough to come up with a reason. That's my mindset going forward.


I am a very ugly person. Some days I consider my face, and sometimes my body, to be aesthetically pleasing, but on the whole it is a simple fact that I am ugly. I do not lament this fact, because as I said there is an aesthetic charm to my ugliness. I don't care about conventional beauty. My idea of beauty, or what I find enjoyable to look at, is indifferent towards conventions. And I'm not trying to look sexy for others. I have no interest in that sort of thing these days. So when it comes to how I present myself, I care only for my own aesthetic tastes. I once believed I had been given the wrong body, because I had the demeanor of a skinny sort of person (it was hard to put into words but I felt sure this was true), but I've grown into the large, menacing stature I have.

Also, it was quite exciting to see a clip of my Shrekfest submission make it into the promo vid.