Clown Brown

Clown Brown was a character I made when I was a young'n, barely standing up on my own two feet. One of the only proper characters I've ever made. He's a little clown boy who gets into all sorts of mischief and I made ten little zines chronicling his adventures, such as killing bullies and getting threatened by loan sharks -- you see, I had just barely grasped that such raunchy themes shocked people, and therefore they were funny to me.

Some time later, after I had devoted myself to the precious act of creation, I knew I would one day want to adapt this character and his stories into a video. As you can imagine, I had made many "eerie" or "weird" videos and wanted to do something simple and pure. And what better than a real child's characters and stories? But it wasn't until a year or two later that I figured out how to do it. Being that I am not a learn-ed artist, a talent that alludes me is keeping a character on-model in any capacity. That, and general laziness, led me to think of a way to use as few separate pictures as possible to give my childhood character life. That's how we ended up with the storybook format I used, which I very much like. I still have a folder full of individual assets for future videos.

The story of the video is that Clown Brown doesn't like how he looks or he doesn't like the inauthenticity of his look or some other muddled nonsense. It fits with my usual work for the message to be muddled. Anyhow, this particular story came from one of the original Clown Brown stories in which he, likewise, is sad about not having real hair. Where the original and the modern revision diverge is that in the original story, he finds a "hair plant" and eats it, giving him the ability to grow any hairstyle he wants, choosing to go with his regular clown look. While brainstorming, I decided I wanted to make something better and added the part about the bug and choosing to accept himself blah blah blah. I intended to make nine more videos, each a rewritten version of the other nine stories, but never ended up do so.

The music at the beginning was "Clown Brown's Theme," which I wrote specifically for the Clown Brown video(s). There are just enough notes to have the letters and Clown Brown's face to line up with the notes.The narrator was a friend.